Born in Rajasthan’s vibrant Shekhawati region, Anupama Bose’s work reflects the cultural influences of her upbringing. A textile graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Design, Bose opened a studio in Jaipur in 1999. Her team of craftsmen includes embroiderers, tailors, and leheriya dyers who have honed their skills over generations. A native speaker of the local Marwari dialect, Anupama communicates her unique hand drawn designs to the team. Over the years Anupama has dressed many of the city’s elite in bespoke Indian bridal wear and developed interior textiles for luxury heritage hotels across India. With a love for fine materials, Bose uses handloom silk as a canvas for many of her designs.

     Inspired by Bose’s lifelong dedication to handcraft textiles and her deep understanding of the region’s history and tradition, Amanda Coe sought to work with her on a collaborative project. The aim of the project was to feature Bose’s fine handwork in an array of clothing that could be worn in casual settings across the globe. Bose’s fine materials and attention to detail remain prevalent in a collection of muted tones and contemporary silhouettes.