Coe Textiles is the creation of Rhode Island School of Design alumna Amanda Coe. After graduating with a degree in textiles she traveled to India where she became immersed in the country's vibrant history of textile craftsmanship.
Amanda now spends the majority of the year in the historic city of Jaipur where she rides her motorbike to the village of Bagru 40 kilometers away. For 400 years the village’s Chippa community has specialized in hand block printed fabrics made from natural dyes.
Amanda works closely with the printers as well as a weaving collective in Assam to learn, experiment, and push the boundaries of handicraft. She infuses traditional printing and weaving techniques with her own artistic practice to give new life to old craft forms.
Sustainability Initiative

     One of the driving forces behind Coe Textiles is a desire to create fashion with low environmental and human impact. In the face of globalization, traditional craftsmen have become increasingly marginalized. We believe that the human hand is essential in creating unique, one of a kind pieces as well as providing fair employment to people in rural areas of India. Natural dyes are used whenever possible and low impact, azo-free dyes when not. We work with family run block print workshops, handloom weavers and our small tailoring unit to provide you with high quality, sweat shop free clothing.